Emergencies do not wait

Don’t wait either. Easily monitor the security of your home or business and react in real time – if and when issues arise.

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On-the-go security monitoring

Goodbye false alarms, hello peace of mind
Angelcam’s Real-time Security allows you to instantly verify triggered security events, avoiding any needless worrying or reactions.

Next time, you’ll instantly know if someone’s breaking into your home or if it’s just the neighbor’s dog on your lawn again.

Take action no matter where you are
Once a valid security threat has been verified by yourself or someone you trust, take immediate action with built-in emergency response capabilities and monitor what’s occurring in real time.

Keep watch, even when you can’t
With the ability to give account access to trusted individuals, you can ensure someone is always monitoring your home or business, even when you’re unable to.

As an added service, Angelcam's remote surveillance team will handle the job anytime you need us to.

The future of security


Receive instant alerts

Get instantly notified when your sensors are triggered.


Take action

Assess and react immediately, with the option to alert the authorities directly from the app.

Professional support

Enjoy Angelcam assist

Looking for professional help? Let Angelcam's remote security team handle it for you.